Week 6: Exhibitions and Gamification


Today, we will focus on digital history and exhibitions.  We will discuss the integration of digital technologies into exhibitions — both on site and virtual — using examples from museums in the city of Indianapolis.  We will conclude with an examination of immersive exhibitions through “gamification.”


I.  Student Presentations I (1 hr)
II.  Break (5 min)
III.  Student Presentations II (45 min)
IV. Break (5 min)
V.  Discussion of Gamification and Exhibitions

Assignments (due before class)

  • Blog Post (500 words): You will visit two museums in the city to examine their digital environments — both in person and online. You will compare and contrast them in a blog post that examines the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches (all approaches have strengths and weaknesses). Keep in mind that it is difficult to fund and manage the expectations of a wide variety of users and stakeholders. So, you may want to consider practical issues such as cost.
  • Weekly Twitter Assignment
  • Weekly WordPress Comment Assignment

Required Readings

Required Video

What is Omeka?

Optional Readings



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