As part of your assignments, each of you are required to blog regularly.  You will typically be expected to respond to a question or a series of questions.  Your post may go in any number of directions, but since you probably want to know what I am looking for, I have created a grading rubric for blogging.

I will give each of you permissions to post to the course blog. That way, we have a centralized place to read and comment on each other’s work. However, you are more than welcome to create your own blogs in WordPress as well. All I ask is that you post your original blog post on this site.

In order to get regular updates about new posts, you can sign up for email alerts. Or, you can sign up for the RSS feed.

Using WordPress is quite simple, and after posting once or twice, you’ll have the hang of it. To get you started, I would like you to watch a few training videos. There are lots of WordPress tutorials online. I would recommend starting with these:


After reading through the tutorials, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the WordPress Dashboard, and what does it do?
  • In WordPress, what is the difference between Pages and Posts?
  • What is the difference between a “Category” and a “Tag“, and why are they important?
  • How do I save drafts?  How do I publish?
  • How do I format the page using the WYSIWYG interface?
  • How do I add and format an image to a post?
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