6. Voices from the Waterways (2017)


Voices from the Waterways (VfW) is a born-digital oral history database devoted to capturing the relationship between people and the waterways so central to their communities. As a project of the Rivers of the Anthropocene (RoA) Project, the intent of VfW is to explore the entanglement of human and environmental systems. In this meeting, we will discuss the creation of the VfW database, discussing history and best practices. We will introduce ourselves to the tools that are available for building a prototype database, which we will complete in this course over the remaining weeks of the semester.


I.  Discussion: The Commons (1 hr 15 min)
II. Break (10 min)
III. Project Management — set up Google Drive, Asana, Gantt charts, workflow models;

Assignments (due before class)

  • Blog Post: Using your readings and 2-3 examples from the oral history projects listed at “Oral History in the Digital Age Wiki,” answer this question: “how might digital methods and communication reshape the practice of oral history?”

Required Reading

Optional Reading