4. Ethics, Justice, and Digital History (2017)


In the first portion of this meeting, we will begin to examine an approach to digital humanities that we might call “critical digital humanities.” Emerging from and engaging with the scholarship of feminism, critical race theory, and queer theory as well as the various approaches associated with the Frankfurt School and the New Left, critical digital humanities challenges us to consider how power might be embedded in, reproduced through, or resisted by the digital humanities. Of course, entire courses could be taught on this subject, so we will only be able to glance the surface. However, we will return to these questions as we design and build our own projects.

In the second half of the meeting, we will practice recording and editing oral histories that we conduct with each other.

Assignments (due before class)

Meeting Outline

I. Connect (15 min)
II. Review Guidelines for Final Project (15 min)
III. Discussion: Ethics, Social Justice, and Digital History
IV. Lab: Oral History Interviews with Fellow Students

Required Reading



Optional Reading




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