13. Social Network Analysis (1)


This session will introduce students to the basics of Social Network Analysis. We will consider the types of questions that can be asked of social network methods and consider the ways that they might be valuable in the context of Public History.


I.  Connect (10 min)
II. What is Social Network Analysis?: Some Examples (1 hr 15 min)
III. Break (10 min)
IV. Discussion: Graphs, Maps, Trees (1 hr min)
V: Looking Ahead to Next Week (5 min)


  • Submit all of your Gazetteer updates as indicated in the “Remaining Data” section of our Github Gazetteer Processing Files directory (this is the last mapping assignment for students working on the Voices from the Waterways Project).
  • For the students working on Chandler’s Travels in Asia Minor, remember that you have a 1250-1500 word essay due on any location mentioned in Chandler as part of your final project.
  • Remember that your final project is due in three weeks.

Required Readings