Google Maps Walking Tour

There are a number of ways to make a Google Maps Historical Walking Tour, your assignment for your final project.  However rather than getting too complicated, I am going to show you three ways to go about doing this.  The first is the simplest, but it also limits what you can do as well as how you can use your data.  The second and third are a bit more complicated, but they allow you to manipulate your data a bit more easily.  The third option allows you to store your data in a separate spreadsheet, which can be added to and transformed.

Google has provided an elegant and simple way to create a walking tour using only Google Maps, the online mapping interface with which I am sure most of you are familiar.

The second option is slightly more complicated.  It takes advantage of Google Earth, a free software download.  Google Earth allows you to manipulate maps more easily.  It also allows you to import and export layers of data from your maps.  But, to get started, have a look at what Google Earth can do at the most basic level.

I would recommend that you begin playing around with Google Earth.  you will find very quickly that the program has a lot of functionality.  Here’s how to add data points to Google Earth:

Once you have place marks, you can add data to them, including text, images, and video.  The process is effectively the same for each of them, so I’ve provided a video on how to embed videos in the place marks.  Keep in mind that you have to store your images and data on a separate site.  All Google Earth does is find them online and then show them in the program.

For more Google Earth tutorials, check out the Google’s tutorials.  They’re quite good at explaining how to use the program.

The third option for creating a tour uses Google Drive, Google Earth, and Google Maps.  I’ve created these videos for you.  They explain How to create a KML document with Fusion Tables and how to add a KML document to Google Earth.  Once you see the videos, you will see how easy it is to create map layers that you can manipulate to tell a story.  Have fun playing around with the possibilities.


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