9. Mapping Laboratory


This meeting is a laboratory on mapping. We will practice by continuing to develop our dataset on Richard Chandler’s Travels in Asia Minor (2015).


I.  Connect (15 min)
II. Oral History Project: Forms (15 min)
III. Break (15 min)
IV. Mapping Chandler’s Travels in Asia Minor (1 hr 45 min)
V: Looking Ahead to Next Week (5 min)

  • Make sure that you are preparing for your oral history interviews, which are due on week 12.

Assignments (due before class)

  •  Copyedit 25 pages of text from Chandler’s Travels in Asia Minor.
    • Use this Google Sheet to see which pages you have been assigned.
    • Download a PDF and the txt version of the text from GitHub.
    • Edit the text
      • Make sure that there are no spelling errors.
      • Put an asterisk around every person, place, or art/architectural object (e.g. *Smyrna*).
      • Save only the pages that you have edited, labelling the file to reflect those pages (e.g. 15-30.txt).
    • Upload your edited 25 pages to our shared GitHub branch folder.
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