7. Exhibitions and the Digital Humanities


Today, we will focus on digital humanities and exhibition/collection management.  We will discuss the integration of digital technologies into exhibitions — both on site and virtually — using examples from museums and cultural sites in the city of Indianapolis. The lessons that we learn from these will influence the design of the Voices from the Waterways online exhibition.


I.  Connect (15 min)
II. Discussion of Student Blogs and Best Practices in Indianapolis (45 min)
III. Break (15 min)
IV. Lab: Designing an Online Project (1 hr 15 min)
V: Looking Ahead to Next Week (15 min)

  • Interviews with experts in digital exhibitions/content management
  • Oral history interviews

Assignments (due before class)

  • Blog Post (500 words): You will visit two museums/cultural sites in Indianapolis to examine their digital environments — both in-person and online. You will compare and contrast them in a blog post that examines their implementation of digital technologies in their exhibitions. In your analysis, pay attention to the fact that these institutions need to be able to fund and sustain their digital projects even as they manage the expectations of a wide variety of users and stakeholders. So, be sure to take into account how the design might respond to these needs.
  • Finalize your two interviewees for the Voices from the Waterways project. Add their names, affiliations, and contact information to this online spreadsheet in the Sign Up Sheets folder in Google Drive. NOTE: You will have until Meeting 12 to complete your interviews and upload them to our shared Google Drive.

Required Readings

Optional Readings


Exhibition Systems

Institutional Repository Systems

Digital Collection Systems

Collection Management Systems

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