Final Project

30 Jan

I was really struck my our discussion Monday by Matthew and Callie’s points about the importance of picking projects with value and that appeal to the public.  It is critical to think of partners and end-users from the beginning of the project.

In terms of our final project, my mind is swirling with ideas. I am interested in others ideas.

1. African American Historys– There are a cluster of AA history resources around the campus, as well as a community that is gone.  A project partnering with Walker theater  Atticus Museum  Bethel AME Church and Campus Diversity Resources would have a natural set of audiences and help address history that has been  obliterated by the University and hospital developments. It would be great to feature the project as part of the national trust conference in October that will be using some of these venues. We could roll this into the NPS Trails to Freedom Project we are working on and get longer use out the project.

2. Civil War & Memories– Nick, Tim and I are all working on Civil War era projects– but from different perspectives. There are a lot of resources in downtown on this topic. What if people could choose an avatar/perspective to go on the tour on. There are natural partners with Bethel AME, Soldiers & Sailors and other resources.

3. Neighborhoods– several neighborhoods(Irvington, Lockerbie, Franklin, Fountain Square) already have tours. We could work with one to add new levels to tours. Landmarks also has tours that we could reimagine.

4. Canal/ Trails– can we add a new layer?

5. Downtown Abby meets Harrison House– upstairs /downstairs in the neighborhood– from pov of residents

6. cemetary– use ap to Crownm Hill bring to life cemetery

7. Pubs– with drink recommendations, but also culture of prohibition and jazz?

8. Labor history– Dr. Scarpino has a map of labor history sites mapped that are little know and would be an interesting theme.


I guess I am most excited about 1-3 but I am excited to work on the project. What is everyone else thinking?


One Response to “Final Project”

  1. Elena February 1, 2013 at 1:09 am #

    Angie, you have some really great ideas! I do think that in terms of #1, it’s very important to bring better site interpretation to IUPUI’s campus, though I wonder if in some ways more permanent signage might be even better. I did hear about a walking tour of African American places back in the fall; not sure who sponsored it though.
    I’m truthfully not sure how much there would be to do for the canal either (though I could be wrong!)
    Otherwise, I’d be interested in any of these. Another thought I had had was looking at some various places in terms of what used to be there (maybe at various points in time – so a tour for 1880, 1920, 1950 etc), though there might need to be a better thematic linkage.

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