Show and tell…

In the “hard sciences” there are lectures and laboratory classes. In labs, you have the opportunity to “experiment” with themes being discussed in the class. Who can forget dissecting the fetal pig in high school? ( I think they do it online know, maybe I am showing my age.) In academic history, we are so solitary and one of the advantages of digital history is collaboration.  As we discussed before and after Methods class yesterday, I think many of us are really interested in being better users of the some of the basic “tools” of the digital environment but are challenged by our own technical knowledge, equipment and time constraints.   I am generally not comfortable sharing things I don’t feel good at ( so let’s not go bowling), but in this case I am more than willing to share my ignorance and any crumbs of knowledge I have. Since I am far from an “empiricist” I was thinking of something more along the lines of “show and tell.”   We could take turns hosting, or pick a topic, or help each other with the resources for the week. Currently, I would like to feel more comfortable with Zotero, Diigo and other online reading and marking tools before we move onto other more complicated subjects.  Any thoughts?

I was also really interested in the comments made after class about the irony of having class off on Martin Luther King Day.  I know that there a lots of opportunities, but would anyone be interested in a “learn-in” on Monday?  We could talk about Zotero, are projects or other proposed subjects.   I would buy the first round of drinks.


One thought on “Show and tell…

  1. I think this is a great idea. I’m going to be occupied with H501 stuff during the day but would be available during our normally scheduled meeting time for Digital History to do the “learn-in.” Hopefully we can get a good number of classmates involved.

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