Getting Ready for the First Day of Class

27 Dec

I hope that all of you have a had an enjoyable vacation.  Believe it or not, classes begin in just over a week.  I’ve already posted a list of books that we will be using in this class.  So, please have a look.  There are a good number that you don’t have to purchase because they are available as open access volumes.  I recommend using the open access versions for two reasons.  First, we won’t be reading large sections of the books.  Secondly, you will have computers with you in class each day, so it will be easy to access the digital versions.  You can annotate your digital copies, just like you would a printed text.  There are a number of tools available.  You might turn the pages into PDFs and annotate them in Adobe Acrobat Pro (free through IUWare) or even on your iPad using an app such as iAnnotate.  I also like Diigo, which allows you to annotate web pages directly from your browser.

While you’re getting ready for class, there are a few things that you can do to make the first week of class easier.  I have posted a page called “Getting Started” which will work you through the process.

I look forward to seeing you in class!  Please send me any questions to my email address (on the top right of this page).


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