15. Conclusions


This is the final meeting of the course. We will use it to review what we have learned and discuss on final questions that you might have about your project that is due next week.


I.  Connect (10 min)
II. Quick review of final projects
III. What have we learned and why does it matter? (45 min)
IV. Break (10 min)
V. Final Project Discussion (1 hr)
VI: Course reviews (15 min)


  • Chandler Group: Import your Travel Diary map into Google Earth. Add any supplementary data (including your essays on specific locations) and export as a KML or KMZ. This will serve as your rough draft. We can discuss any technical problems that you might be having at the beginning of class. Remember, going above the basic requirements (e.g. adding photos or extra layers of information) will count as extra credit.
  • Voices from the Waterways Group: If you have a rough draft of your website, we can review this at the beginning of class.
  • Remember that your final project is due next week.
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