1. Digital History/Public History (2017)


This meeting introduces the themes of the course and outlines the assignments.  Students will practice using their Twitter and Zotero accounts.

Lecture Outline

I. Introductions (30 minutes)
II. Introduction to the Course (30 minutes)
III. A Summary of Wikipedia Assignment (30 minutes)
IV. Two Tools: Twitter and Zotero (1 hr 15 min)


Assignments (to be completed before arriving in class)

  • Enroll on Digital Public History Wikipedia Project
  • Complete “Getting Started” tasks.
  • Sign up for a WordPress account and follow this blog (please be sure to use your first name and last name for your ID). Once you follow this blog, I can give you permissions to edit it.


Aaron Titus, “How the Internet Works.”


Jack Binns, “History of the Internet.”

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